Gemustertes, Gerastertes, Schematisches, Variiertes und Einzigartiges für meinen Setzkasten.
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I Let Myself Drain (Dwarf) by Jan Fabre

I definitely feel like this whenever I see work that I truly admire.

"А life-size wax sculpture of a man, rammed into a painting made by a great Serbian artist. The sculpture is Fabre’s alter ego: an artist in the role of a martyr. Defeated by his ancestors, the alter ego accepts the fact that he will never be equal to the grand masters of the past, and will never experience their fame.”

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'Tags With Hair, 2014'

I have created tag styled piece to highlight upon the views of body hair within our society today. For this piece, I gathered my own initial research, asking 30 people at random the question “How do you feel about body hair?”. Looking at the results from the selection of people asked I collected a mixture of responses, with a great number being directed towards the questioning of body hair on women, although the question was not gender specific.
From these responses, I chose ten of what I believe were the most effective responses, and placed them alongside a piece of their own hair, creating ten personal tags.